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Character v Peace

The Biosophical Institute, Inc.

Freedom v Friendship

Statement of Purpose  

Dr. Frederick Kettner
Objectives of Biosophy
Statement of Purpose



The Statement of Purpose of the Biosophical Institute


To create biosophical groups and educational website for character and peace education where the individual has opportunities for self-improvement.


To work for the synthesis of religion, philosophy, science, education and art.


To create a world-fellowship of peace-loving human beings who have overcome religious, national, racial and social prejudices who can work creatively for the growth of democracy, spiritual personal growth and world peace.


To create a Peace Department in the national governments headed by a Secretary of Peace who will establish Peace Universities.


To perpetuate and advance Dr. Frederick Kettner's principles and work for the development and cultivation of character and peace nature in young people.


To network with other groups and organizations interested in character and peace education working cooperatively with them.


To make available to the public a website having on it, the definition of Biosophy as the science and art of intelligent living based on the awareness and practice of spiritual valies, ethical-social principles and character qualities essential to individual freedom and social harmony.  Also making available Dr. Kettner's books, pamphlets, lectures, lessons and all other material relevant to his work.  (Downloading by the public of this material will be permitted free of charge.)





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